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AC Quit Just in Time for Summer? Here’s Why.

You look out the window and see your air conditioner is running, but your room is still hot. What gives?

Filthy Filters

For most home or offices, a quarterly filter change is recommended to improve indoor air quality as well as enhance airflow. Dirty filters prevent air from moving across them as easily, which can restrict airflow and freeze the evaporator coil.

Grille or Duct Issues

Supply and return air grilles should always remain open, even if they’re located in rooms that are not used often. In addition, these grilles should always face towards the walls or windows to counteract the heat load on a structure. Because air ducts are designed to handle a specific amount of pressure, any additional pressure that is not accounted for may create duct issues. Common duct issues include air leaks where the ductwork is not properly sealed, or – more common in residential units – poorly installed ductwork. We’ve even come across residential ductwork that was improperly installed from day one.

Low Refrigerant Charge

Without proper levels of refrigerant, your system will never be able to do its job effectively. While adding refrigerant to a system is an easy fix, it actually indicates that a more serious issue is present. Since systems, in theory, should never be low on refrigerant charge, we can infer that the system has a leak in it. Fortunately, there are many leak detectors to help find the leaks, and

the large majority of leaks can be repaired.

Improperly Sized Unit

As stated in one of our previous blog posts, an improperly sized unit may never give you the comfort you were expecting. A system too large will short-cycle, thus reducing energy efficiency and creating unnecessary wear on the system’s components. Furthermore, an oversized system will not be able to draw out as much moisture from the air as a result of the short-cycling, resulting in a more humid environment. Conversely, an undersized system will simply not have the ability to cool the desired space.

While the individual can often handle filter changes and grille issues, a professional contractor should handle sizing an HVAC system. Additionally, refrigerant-related repairs are required by law to be handled by an EPA certified technician. Are you having AC issues? Feel free to give us a call today!

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