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Equipment Replacement

While planned maintenance will certainly extend the life of a HVAC system, all systems will eventually need to be replaced. Depending on the geographical location of the system, how often it operates and how well it is maintained, many experts expect a lifetime of 15-20 years.


Although installing a whole new system may seem like an expensive burden, we have often found that it is far cheaper than buying new parts to make frequent repairs on an old system for numerous reasons:

  • Today’s units are more energy efficient than ever, resulting in greater cost savings for the customer.

  • There are often tax credits and rebates available for newer, more energy efficient systems.

  • Newer technology and equipment warranties.

Before buying and installing a new system, we recommend that a certified technician inspect the area that the new unit will be located to inspect for possible changes in building loads, piping, ductwork and safety precautions.

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