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Building Controls Service and Installation

Building Management Systems (BMS) – often called Building Automation Systems (BAS), Direct Digital Controls (DDC) or simply Building Controls - have established themselves as the most comprehensive option for Facility Managers who need quick, precise access to their building’s operations. There are many reasons why a Building Management System would provide extensive benefits to the operators, including:

  • Multifunctional - Allow the operator to monitor and control HVAC, lighting, fire and other systems to manage energy demand in the most efficient way possible.

  • Lower maintenance costs - Derived from more efficient use of HVAC equipment

  • Centralized - Allows the operator to view the entire system’s operation from a computer.

  • Cost savings - When properly implemented, it is estimated that today’s Building Management Systems can save businesses up to 25% on energy costs. This can add up to tens of thousands of dollars annually for large businesses.

Because Miller HVAC Service, Inc. primarily serves commercial and industrial businesses, our technicians are very familiar with various Building Management Systems and often work with them on a daily basis.


Think a Building Management System is right for your business? Get in contact with us today!

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