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Often Overlooked HVAC Tips for the Fall Season

Although the muggy South Carolina summers are still upon us, fall is just around the corner. With autumn’s large temperature swings from night to day, you may be running your air conditioner during the day and switching to heat during the night. But how can you be sure that your system is ready for the changing seasons? Read what our professionals recommend:

1. Change air filters – If you’ve read some of our previous blogs, then you know how much we stress the importance of changing air filters. Not only is this one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your system running at its best, but it will also improve the air quality for the people in the home or workplace – something everyone appreciates.

2. Clean your vents – it is common for dirt, dust and other debris to build up in your vents during the summer. Not only is this unhealthy to breathe, but also can cause damage to your system. Make sure to clean your vents or hire a licensed contractor to clean them prior to running your furnace.

Home Heat Loss

3. Check for air leaks – As with any season, always make sure your home and climate control systems remain airtight and properly insulated. Additionally, make sure all dampers and flues are closed when you do not have a fire going, otherwise your heat will certainly leave your home.

4. Keep your curtains and blinds open – by keeping these open, your home will be able to absorb solar heat gain more easily, allowing your home to warm up quicker. Conversely, by closing them at night, your home or office will be able to keep more air inside, mitigating heat loss.

5. Test your system – before the time comes when your using your furnace full-time, make sure to do a quick test run to be sure your heat is running properly. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to the experts at Miller HVAC if you believe your system is running amok!

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